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Single Software Token Activation

How to use the MS6050TOK Single Software Token for a Single Manufacturer

In order to use tokens for activating motorcycle diagnostic tool software, you need to have purchased tokens. After the purchase, you will receive a token file via email. Save it on your PC. Please follow the steps below in order to activate token(s). You can also view this instructional video:

1) Click here to download the Application Manager software on your PC. 

2) Before running the application manager, power on the 6050 scan tool and connect it to the PC with the USB cable.

3) Start xEnv 


4) Click button “System Setting”

5) Click button “Applications”

6) Click button “6050“

7) Selected Memobike X.X.X and click button Licenses

8) Select the brand to unlock with a token and click button “Token”

9) Select the folder where you saved the “tokens” and click button “Confirm”

10) After using the “token,” click the “Install” button to enable that brand on the 6050.