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Software Update Guide

How to Install Software Update

When a new software update within the same version becomes available, for example, an update from the firmware release 10.4 to 10.6, you can update your scan tool by following this procedure:

  • Connect the MS6050 to a PC via USB cable
  • Turn on the MS6050
  • Stay on the start up page of the MS6050
  • Wait until remote storage device MS6050 is detected by the PC.



Disable the power save function on the MS6050 device as shown per instructions below

“How to disable power save function”


  • Select “Settings” button in the lower right corner
  • Select “Setup” button
  • Select “Energy Saving” button
  • Pressing the right arrow button to turn the energy saving option to OFF
  • Return and leave the 6050 on the startup page.
  • Make sure that the 6050 unit is connected to the PC. From the desktop, run the previously installed application.
Motorscan 6050 Software Update
  • Press the highlighted button
Motorscan MS6050 Software Update
  • Press the “6050” button to download new released package from the Internet. Make sure there is a working internet connection on the PC.
Motorscan 6050 Software Update
  • Select the latest released version
  • Press "Download" button
  • Wait until the end of the download
Motorscan 6050 Software Update
  • Press “Install“ button to start update procedure for the connected device


  • Don't disconnect device from PC and don't change screen from main page on 6050 during the installation
Motorscan 6050 Software Update
  • At the end of the installation, check final result by pressing "Report" button
  • Wait until 6050 device completes reboot after update. Check the new software version that is displayed in the upper left corner of the startup page.
Motorscan 6050 Software Update
  • In the “Installation Report“ page, it is possible to save an installation report into a file by pressing "Export" button
  • Disconnect device from the PC
  • The installation is finished.