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Motorscan MS6050 Scan Tool

Before Buying MS6050 FAQs

Do I need to buy anything else besides the scan tool?

Is this a code reader?

What manufacturers will this unit work with?

How do I know if the scan tool works on a particular bike model?

What systems will the unit diagnose?

What kind of Tech Support you provide?

What about Warranty?

Can I use this unit on my personal bike?

What languages does MS6050 scan tool support?

Can I update my MS5950 or MS6050 unit when new models and functions come out?

How do I determine the software version I have on my MS5650 or MS5950 unit?

I have a MS5850 scan tool. Can I use smart cards for MS5650 / MS5950 to update software on it?

Getting Started and Using MS6050 FAQs

How do I know which diagnostic cable I have to use?

What if I don’t have the OEM cable I need for a bike?

Do I need additional software for different types of bikes?

How do I install Software Update?

How do I print diagnostics reports from my MS6050 scan tool?

Why do I need to register my MS6050 scan tool?

MS6050 Scan Tool Videos and Downloads


Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostics Adapter

Before Buying Motorscan Adapter

Will the Motorscan adapter work on my bike?

Will the Motorscan app work with my phone?

Is there a subscription or any other fees?

Does Motorscan come with a warranty?

Are firmware and software updates included?

What languages is the app available in?

Can I choose measurement units?

Do I need an Internet connection on my phone to use Motorscan?

Can I use the Motorscan adapter on more than one vehicle?

Can two people see information from one Motorscan adapter?

Can I use the Motorscan app while riding?

Will the Motorscan adapter drain my battery if I leave it plugged in?

What is the difference between the 4-pin and 6-pin Motorscan adapters for Harley-Davidson®?

Can a Motorscan 4-pin adapter user also use Motorscan 6-pin adapter on the same account?

Getting Started and Using Motorscan Adapter

How do I connect the Motorscan app with my Motorscan adapter?

How do I update the Motorscan app to the newest version?

How do I update Motorscan adapter to the newest firmware?

Can I see the same fault codes / diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) that a professional technician at a bike shop can access?

Can I erase DTCs / fault codes?

Is DTC the same as fault code?

Can I view live engine data?

How do I save/share my diagnostic reports?

How does the Dashboard feature work?

How do I get to the Motorscan app’s Main Menu?

How do I access Motorscan settings?

Does the app connect automatically whenever I'm riding my bike?

Will the Motorscan adapter work if I have after-market devices installed on my bike?

What is the wireless range of the Motorscan adapter?

How do I delete a vehicle?

How do I add a vehicle?

How do I rename a vehicle?

Why is my device flashing light?

What do I do if I forgot my password?

My adapter cannot connect to smartphone. What should I do?

How do I get more help?

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